Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Bye For Now.

Hi everyone, I have been very busy on my vacation. I have a few other things that I would like to do, so for now I would like to thank all that have followed Amelia Rose Cottage along the way. I have been blogging for 3 years and have enjoyed it very much. I feel like I need to read a few books, and take time to learn other things. I will still visit my favorite blogs and comment on what is happening it your life. For now I will say good bye. May you all have many blessings in the year 2009. Love U Sharon K

Friday, March 27, 2009

We are on our way to the Golf..........Sunshine and warm breezes....

Hi Gals, I have had a good time at the Villages but just like ever thing else, time moves on and it is now time to head north. But before we do, we will head south for a day or two. A few more days of sunshine and warm breezes, a few more days of vacation. We are going to good friends of ours that are in Engelwood Fl. They have a beautiful winter vacation home on the ocean. Just give me a few more days till I am again cold and most likely standing in the rain showers that are happening up north.
I think this is one of the hardest things about being in Fl. for a few months, then going back to the cold. No flowers in bloom, no real green grass, lets say I am blessed and thankful to have been here during the cold winter months up north.
The picture below is of a doily that Mary Jane made for me many years ago, I cherish this because it was made by a good friend.
Watch out Mary Jane because I am on my way to your beautiful home, happy hour and good food a wait us. ( Friends are kisses blown to us by angels )

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Villages & Decorating 101

Hi to everyone out there in blogland, I had a few problems with my last post, the story was there but the pictures were here we go again light camera action and the pictures please.
The pictures are of the Villages and a few pictures are of the recreation buildings which are decorated so nice. Come with me on my walk along the Village streets.
Decorating 101 Recreation Centers

Thanks to Connie and Roger for the pictures, they were here for a week, we ate and shopped and shopped more, got in a movie and had a wonderful time with them. Sharon K

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[Photo]Hi everyone, I hope all is well with all of you, I can not begin to tell you how happy I am to be in Fl. I just talked to my daughter Tammy in Ohio and she siad that it is another day with high winds and rain. It has been one nasty winter up North and enough is enough. Spring is March 20th, and I hope Mother Nature knows what day it is. After saying is another beautiful day at the Villages Fl. It has been in the 80's, the sun is shining and there is a nice breeze blowing the lace curtins. OK, I realize you guys up north do not want me to go on and on about the wonderful weather here so with out futher a do.....Here are some pictures to share with you. The picture above is Sir Winston and his friend Nather, both just adorable dogs and they know when to wink and smile for the camera. [Photo][Photo][Photo]The Villages is a golf cart community, you can go to the movies, grocery store, the doctors office or Walmart in a custom built golf cart. This pictures were taken at Sumter Landing in the Villages. We went to a few receation buildings , I took a few pictures of the way they are decorated.[Photo][Photo][Photo][Photo] I will end this post with another picture of the dog gone cute dogs. Have a good day and I will be beck tomorrow with more pictures. Love to all......Sharon K[Photo]
draft I am sorry but I just lost the pictures, I will post tomorrow and show you the pictures.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

F is for Florida..........

Hi from the sunshine state, has been a little cool here but nothing compared to cold Ohio. It will be in the 70's and the sun is shining, what more can I ask for at the end of Feb. Charlie and I have been staying in a motel, not real happy with it so we rented a little cottage. We will move in next Monday and I will be more then ready for another little cottage to enjoy for a month.

The Villages Fl is a rather big area with around 60,000 living here. It is an over 50 retirement area where we lived as winter snow birds for 8 years. I told you the story on how we retired here and now we come each year and rent for a month or two. It is the least I can do for my man (Charlie) after I dragged him back to cold Ohio. Anyway all is well here, he is golfing and playing pickle ball ,I got him to go to the movies 3 times with me and that is a record for him . We went to the town square Tuesday evening I took a few pictures. Above is a picture of a cottage like the one we will rent for the month.

A dog with a mask in a buggy, and he loved dressing up for the occasion. how cute is that? Now I am wondering wharf I should give up for Lent. I think I can give up choc late and candy for 40 days and still live. It will be hard to do for me but I can do this. Also exercising every day.......When I get back to Ohio I want to be 10 lbs, thinner. I will keep you up on how I am doing with this venture. It has taken me two days to find out how to upload pictures on my computer. I had to go and bye a Vista book for dummies.......If I had it to do over, not sure if I would have gotten this vista thing. I now have to go and visit a few blogs, I will be back soon. Love you guys.......................Sharon K

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got a new computer.....Now I Can Blog Again

Hi everyone, it has been forever since I have taken the time to read or post any thing. We arrived in Fl ten days ago, the weather here is a little cool but so much better then up north. As soon as I got here of course I set up my computer and it was so slow that I told Charlie, I think I need to go to Best Buy and do a little shopping around. I went in and said just what kind of wonderful sales do you guys have this week. I ended up getting a Sony computer with the new vista( not sure about that yet ) I also got one of those Verizon plug in jacks that you can use where ever you are to get the internet......and just like magic I am now up and running. Two days with out this handy little thing I call the computer all most put me in withdraw.
Anyway all is well now, and next week we will move into our little cottage that we rented for a month. It has been a long ten days living in a motel. Now I have to go out and take some pictures so I can show you just where I am and what the Villages Fl. is all about. I promise I will be back tomorrow with pictures.........until then, stay warm and be good
Sharon K

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On the road to the sunshine state.........

It is about time to start packing for the sunshine state once more. For those that do not know the real story about Florida here it is. After Charlie and I retired it was my idea that we pack up and move to Fl. Once we got there and settled in as snowbirds I missed my girls and grandchildren so much through the long 6 months that we were there.
Now mind you this was all my idea, so I had to live with the end results, I had made my bed and I had to lie in it for 8 years until I could convince Charlie that we could move back to the cold country and just go and rent something for a few weeks. So that is the rest of the story...........We will pack up and rent in the sunshine state for 6 weeks.
When we return to Ohio in the middle of April, it will be time to think Spring , get ready for our little summer place and work in the garden at the condo. I am so ready to get away from the cold and snow we have had up north. I will blog and take pictures when I get to Fl. and show all the folks up north what the sunshine looks like.
Till then stay warm and please think SPRING!
Love you guys.......Sharon K

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My... Oh So Vintage Award

A special award to my blogging friends that inspire me with their Cottage and Victorian decorating ideas. Every day as I visit friends I am finding wonderful decorating ideas that I have never thought of. It may be a bowl of fruit or a special way they showed a vignette, they inspire me to look around and see if I can capture the look. I find my blogging friends post much better then any decorating magazine on the news stands. So I am going to award this to 5 people that have inspired me and as you receive this award please hand on to others that make this little world of blogland such a nice place to be

1 ) Isabellas Closet--
Mary has wonderful decorating ideas,they are Oh so vintage. I love the guest room that she has for her grandchildren in her cottage. You have to visit , say hi and check out her vintage banners that she sells so reasonably.

2 ) Picket's Place--
What a fun blog to read, she will keep you in stitches reading about her daily life. Her home is so pretty and she also has inspired me to try and learn new things. You will also get to meet the burly guys.

3 ) Rose of Sharon--
Sharon has a lovely home and many ideas on decorating in a cottage look. You can also meet all of her guys....and a new daughter-in-law

4 ) Pea's Corner--
Carole is fun to read and oh so busy, you may find her in the kitchen baking cookies or she may be out and about finding many oh so vintage treasures to share with us.

5 ) Mo's Cottage--
What can I say this lady even slip-covered her sofa in the most all so vintage material. You will love her and her pretty vignettes that she has in her oh so pink cottage.

That was fun now please pass on to that oh so vintage blog that you love to visit..............Love ya guys.............Sharon K

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