Monday, April 14, 2008

Under construction........In the last few weeks my little cottage has been under consturction, first the bedroom, then had to clean and open my sunporch which by the way is the one room that Charlie enjoys the most. You will find him looking out at the pond while siting and enjoying his morning coffee and paper. I have the spring cleaniing finished and all is well..........all most

Under construction......I will be under construction for the next month or so.....I guess it is part of what they refer to as old age. I remember not so many years ago taking my mother to the eye doctor for cataract surgery.......well now I will be the one geting the surgery, the surgery when my morhter use to have to wear those funky looking sunglasses.......yes that surgery......... just where did the years go, now I am the little old grandmother who will have her cataracts taken care of. I have the surgery this week and the next week have the other eye taken care of. I am sure I will wear those glasses for a month..........During which I will be seeing the dentist to reconstruct my teeth that are still good..........oh how I remember taking my mother in for that one to. I just hope when I am finished I will come out as well as my bedroom did. Will be gone for a few days I to will be under construction.............

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Melissa E. said...

I stopped by from kelli's site. How lovely your bedroom is! I like the red and black and grays. What color red is that?

Oh, rose red, right?!

Susan P. said...

Sharon, boy, do I hear what you're saying. I am constantly amazed at what Miss Bonnie does for me now that I used to do for my own mother. Well, I guess a little construction is to be expected for us, but just think, once you have your eyes fixed you will be able to enjoy looking at your beautiful cottage even more (just like seeing it with new eyes!) Sending great big hugs and well wishes to you, Sharon and will be checking back to see how you're doing.

Kelli said...

Oh, I love your bedroom, Sharon! The wallpaper is stunning and your comforter is the perfect touch!

Dolly said...

Hi Sharon. It's so nice to meet you!
I am glad you stopped by my blog so I could come and meet you and see your blog!
I love red walls!
I have a red kitchen and a red guest bath!
Your bedroom is beautiful!

Hugz, Dolly

judypatooote said...

I don't know why your bedroom is under construction, because it was beautiful just the way it was.... Now you, I can understand, why your under construction,.......LOL..for those of you who don't know, I can kid Sharon like this, because we are old friends...and that word old has two ya Sharon, hope your construction comes out U friend....judy

smilnsigh said...

Best of luck with your time of 'being under construction.' -giggles- Had my cataracts operated on a few years ago and all went well. I'm sure yours will also.

Spring hugs,

Sheila said...

You will emerge from your 'construction' better tham new..!
Your bedroom is gorgeous..!

Tammy said...

Hope all of your "construction" goes well, dear Sharon! God bless!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Sharon Kay ~ What a precious post ! I so can relate to what you are talking about ~ where does the time go between taking our parents to get these things done and doing them ourselves ~ oh my goodness !!!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog !

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hope all goes well with your eye surgery and visit to the dentist...It seems like I spend more time at doctors than I do at home!

SweetAnnee said...

Looks lovely !!
I know the DDS and eye surgery will go well!!

Marlene Depler said...

The room turned out quite lovely! How have you fared with your eye sugeries and your dental work?

I have been out of the loop for two months recovering from sugery. I made my first post today.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and projects. I bet the cabin is adorable.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I adore the red, black and white in the bedroom....very very pretty! I will keep you in my prayers...I hope all goes well.

Pearl said...

Oh my goodness your bedroom is just lovely!!!

My brother just had both eyes done. About a month break in between but just did wonderful. I took both my father and mother for their surgeries and it was such a major it is a breeze.

Take good care of yourself.

CIELO said...

Oh, Sharon your bedroom is lovely.... love the colors and combination of pretty accents.

If you have time come by the house in the roses for we are having a dessert carnival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!

Have a great day


Susie said...

Hi Sharon,
Your bedroom looks wonderful and must be a true haven for you!
My husband had that cataract surgery about 2 yrs ago and he breezed through it. Such a help with his vision!
I've said a prayer that all goes well for you..

PEA said...

Dearest Sharon,

I've just now caught up with your news and I do pray that all went well with your first surgery and praying that the other one goes well also! My mom will need cataract surgery eventually, the doctor is just waiting until it's the right time. I so love your bedroom, it's just gorgeous!! Wishing you a quick recovery!! xoxo

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I just wanted you to know I'm back in Blogland!

Come see me when you can!

♥Love & Hugs♥ ~t~

Amy Wagner said...

LOVE the bedroom. Can I come for a sleep over?
Good luck for the eyes (and teeth)!!
:) Amy

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